Otto Maton, a very well-known Spaciosapien.
Otto Maton, a very well-known Spaciosapien.
General Information
Home World Perplexahedron
Body Robot
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Spaciokinesis
First Appearance Pokémon Light & Dark

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Otto Maton, a very well-known Spaciosapien.
Otto Maton, a very well-known Spaciosapien.
General Information
Pokédex Number 99 (Nadaca Pokédex)
Types Steel
Abilities Beast Boost
Egg Groups Undiscovered
Evolution and Forms
Pokédex Details
Height 3` 0.98 m
weight Unknown
Color Grey

Spaciosapiens, code named UB-10 Space, are Mr. Roboto's species in Pokémon Sky. They live in the Perplexahedron. They are considered Ultra Beasts, and also appear in Pokémon Lost and Found. To read about them there, click this link.


They are robotic creatures made of cubes and rectangular prisms. They have numbers on their chests, and an antenna. They all wear gloves. They emote with their eyelids, and blink with their pupils.


They are entirely robotic. Their antenna are the source of their power. Female Spaciosapiens have more pointed gloves than the males. They are more technologically advanced than the Chronosapiens, but also smaller.

Powers and Abilities

They have spaciokinetic powers. This means they can transmute any sort of matter, including that of living things. This means they can transform their own bodies and move like rubber. Otto alone has used this for weapon generation, stretchy arms, size shifting, tool arms, costumes, and general random implement creation.

They can teleport between dimensions and timelines, but only in the present.

They can create holograms of what is happening in another dimension by making their antenna glow, but only in the present.

They can be upgraded from an outside source. For instance, Otto has two entirely new forms.

They are easily rebuilt. Otto gets banged up and broken near daily, and was even completely disassembled and put back together, and he is still in perfect working condition. They are however, also quite hardy.

Hypothetically, they could make black holes to sheild from direct chronokinesis, and white holes to defend from indirect chronokinesis. However, they are on good terms with the Chronosapiens, and the Kronians are locked away, this has not yet been tested.


They are overconfident showbots.

Interestingly, matterless environments is not actually a weakness. There is still their own matter, and anyone else’s matter, so there is nothing stopping him from teleporting one’s buttocks to Hoag’s Object, which actually happened.

Antimatter will explode if manipulated.

Their back has a plexiglass window showing their inner workings like a gaming computer. This makes their backs a weak point.

Pokémon Info

Base Stats

Base Stats

Sp. Atk
Sp. Def


By Level
Type Level Name
Normal 1 Copycat
Normal 1 Me First
Normal 7 Entrainment
Psychic 13 Role Play
Normal 17 Metronome
Flying 23 Mirror Move
Normal 29 Assist
Normal 31 Conversion
Normal 31 Conversion 2
Grass 37 Wood Hammer
Steel 37 Heavy Slam
Normal 41 Perish Song
Psychic 47 Hyperspace Hole
Steel 53 Gyro Ball
Normal 59 Transform
Type TM Name
Normal 02 Pay Day
Normal 08 Hyper Bean
Normal 09 Giga Impact
Normal 17 Light Screen
Psychic 18 Reflect
Normal 13 Self-Destruct
Dark 23 Theif
Psychic 70 Trick Room
Psychic 71 Wonder Room
Psychic 72 Magic Room
Normal 76 Round
Flying 78 Acrobatics
Normal 79 Retaliate
Eletric 80 Volt Switch
Grass 80 Grassy Terrain
Fairy 89 Misty Terrain
Eletric 90 Eletric Terrian
Psychic 91 Psychic Terrain
Normal 94 False Swipe
Steel 96 Smart Strike


The Spaciosapiens are from the same solar system as the Chronosapiens and Antisapiens and are the sister species to them as well, as one controls space, one controls time, and one represents antimatter. They started a technological singularity, but when they were observing the multiverse, they found that many other A.I. had tried that, and failed. So they didn’t even bother with conquest.

There is a legend that a Galvan made the first Chronosapien, and the first Spaciosapien was make by a Cerebrocrustacean to one-up him. This is believed by everyone but the Chronosapiens, who can go and see it’s a scrappin’ lie.

Notable Spaciosapeins

Notable Spaciosapien Fusions

Notable Evolved Spaciosapien

Notable Omni-Enhanced Spaciosapiens


  • Derwin 13 does not have a Spaciosapien form, for obvious reasons.
  • Spaciosapiens have their own version of all the Chronosapien’s technology, such as a Spaciosapien Space Bomb, which destroys all selected dimensions in the timeline it is detonated in.
  • Spaciosapiens, just like their time counterparts, can be quite scary. For instance, they could just snap their fingers, and you would disappear. Exist one moment, but not the next. There wouldn't be any remains for the funeral. Heck, you might not even be dead! You could be several galaxies over, or in another dimension, or at the Forge of Creation, or turned into a tasseled wobblegong. And no one would know.
  • Information about them was revealed at Ultimate Fanon Con. However, it was coded in such a way that it broke everything.
  • ”Scrap” is an expletive used by both Spaciosapiens and Chronosapiens.


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