Jax 10 (Rebooted)
Season 1, Episode 8
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Space Journey: Part 2


1:00 AM

(Zack): You two LEFT me on Earth.

(Tetrax): And we said we're sorry. Well I did.

(Jax): Zack, I'm the chosen one.

(Zack): So?

(Jax): So I can- Urg! Sorry.

(Tetrax): Well I have to go. May we meet again, Jax Anderson.

Tetrax boards his ship and takes off.

Tetrax's Ship

(Tetrax): Hey, Jax I want to show you something.

Grey Matter and Zack come out from behind a barrel.

(Grey Matter): You knew we were here?

(Tetrax): I was counting on it.

Grey Matter times out.

(Jax): Wow.

Later Tetrax's ship is flying through space when a blue tractor beam catches them.

(Jax): Uh, Tetrax.

They are sucked aboard and land in a bay.

(Tetrax): We need to hide. They are going to search the ship.

Jax, Tetrax and Zack hide in a secret compartment as Galvan troops begin swarming the place.

(Jax, whispering): Grey Matters.

The Galvans leave. Jax opens the secret compartment door.

(Jax): That was close.

Dark mysterious room.

(Galvan Trooper): Sir, we searched the ship there were no Living Beings aboard.

(Galvan Leader): Find them!

(Galvan Trooper): Yes, Sir.

Galvan Trooper leaves. And the Galvan Leader reveals himself to be a red eyed Galvan.

(Galvan Leader): Or be destroyed, by Albedo!

(Jax): Albedo huh?

(Albedo): An Earthling! And you have the Omnitrix, give it!

(Jax): Why?

(Albedo): Because I am the creator of it.

A hologram of Azmuth pops up from the Omnitrix.

(Azmuth): Wrong! I am the creator.

(Albedo): Azmuth, you were merely an assistant.

(Azmuth): Wrong again, Albedo. We are partners.

(Albedo): Were partners.

(Azmuth, suprised): Albedo. I-I-I never knew you thought this way.

(Albedo): Yeah! Well now you know now. You unstable worthless piece of-

Albedo transforms.

(Riftblade): Aw, who cares. I have my own Omnitrix now!

(Azmuth): You build an Omnitrix?!

(Riftblade): It may not be complete yet, but soon it wil-

Riftblade is punched by Diamondhead.

(Diamondhead): Take that!

(Riftblade): I will kill you and take what's mine.

Riftblade slices Diamondhead's arm off.

(Diamondhead): Oh no.

Diamondhead punches Albedo.

(Diamondhead): I wouldn't.

Jax and Albedo time out.

(Albedo): I can still defeat you.

Albedo's Omnitrix shoots a laser at Jax. Tetrax blocks the shot.

(Jax): Thanks, Tetrax.

(Tetrax): Don't mention it.

Jax grabs Albdeo and thier Omnitrix's get stuck.

(Jax): Won't come off!

Then there's a green flash and Jax is Grey Matter and Albedo is a human.

(Albedo): What? How? I'm a...a..a....a human. Yuck!

(Grey Matter): Hey!

Azmuth teleports in.

(Grey Matter)): Azmuth!

(Azmuth): Hello, Jax.

(Zack): Whoa, cool we're meeting Azmuth in the flesh!

(Azmuth): No, I am merly a robot.

(Zack): Aw, man.

(Albedo): Azmuth. Once again I am forced to be in your stupid pressence.

(Robot Azmuth): Well I'm afraid I must go, Jax. I have some unfinished buissness with Albedo.

(Grey Matter): Wait! Don't I get any cool new aliens for a job well done?

(Robot Azmuth): A reward?

Robot Azmuth turns Jax back to normal and types in a code on the Omnitrix.

(Robot Azmuth): Have fun with that.

Robot Azmuth teleports away.

(Jax): Have fun with what?


Major Events

Riftblade appears!



Aliens used

By Jax

By Albedo

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