Sora is a half Apploplexian and half Anodite (or Kuanodite). His name meant Sky in Japanesse.


After fighting Villains in his Apploplexian and Anodite form on Earth by wearing I.D masks, he met up with Ben and they became friends. Later, he went off to Planet Kylmyys to rejoin with his parents and was gone every since until the final battle with the FOTO.


  • Superstrength
  • Agility
  • Ability to use Mana in a form of power
  • Exceptionally fluent in the language of Mystics
  • Levitation
  • Energy constructions


  • His brashness sometimes
  • Using a lot spells drains his powers

In Naruto 10

Is a Character affected by Kyuubi.

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