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Sonorochimp is the Omnitant fusion between a Sonorosian and an Arachnichimp.


The Sonorochimp has the appearance of a small, white Omnitant. It has four yellow eyes and sharp nails on his feet. In his Sonorosian form, it is very humanoid and has smooth skin. On his Arachnichimp form, it gains fur, a striped tail and his arms divide into two halves.

Powers and Abilities

In his Sonorosian form, it can split its face plates open to produce a powerful sonic scream, that ranges from audible to ultrasonic frequencies. These screams are capable of damaging machinery, stopping projectiles in mid-flight, and blasting enemies backwards. They can channel vibrations to enhance their screams by being in physical contact with vibrating objects, transmit sound waves through speakers and use their sonic screams to create a forcefield.

In his Arachnichimp form, it has the ability to expel webbing from its tail, which were once stated to be as strong as steel. It can use their sticky fur to cling to and scale vertical surfaces It has superhuman strength and agility.


Sonorochimp clones are only durable to a certain extent, as they can be destroyed by an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts, either a Methanosian or Pyronite's fire attacks, or a Cerebrocrustacean's electric attacks, as well as a Kumafrigian ice blast. Similarly, they can easily be put to sleep by Argit's quills and destroyed by Sunder's power axe.

It can get tangled by it's own webs. Furthermore, enemies can easily use the webs to their advantage. The webs can also be easily frozen or torn apart by a sharp enough claw.


Sonorochimp clones first appeared on the third chapter, 'Double Trouble', where they attacked the team while they were on their way to the Metrofloris' prison complex, where they were easily defeated by the combined efforts of the heroes.

They later appeared again after the prison break, where they were revealed to actually be Mouslittle, the rat Mixster.


  1. Double Trouble