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Sonilex or Sionic is the main villain in, Ryan 10: Alien Master. He is an Evloved Sonorosian.


Instead of being blue, like Ultimate Echo Echo, he is instead white, and wheres a blue cape. He stands roughly around the same height as Swampfire.


He was just a regular Sonorosian, but a lot smarter. Possibly the smartest one on his planet. He was experimenting with a device that could speed up the evolution process. But one day in his lab the machine overloaded after he had tried to force more power into it then he could. And it blew up, along with his entire lab, and part of his sanity.

When he awoke after the explosion, he had realized that he felt taller, and when he looked in the mirror he smashed it saying that that wasn't him. But then he realized what he had down. He had evolved into a higher species. He went out into the world and was turned away as a monster, but when someone who had found out that he was something of higher greatness. When whoever said that all he could do was smile.

He went on a rampage after that, and not one person on his planet could stop him. Not even with his ability to make multiple copies on himself, and they still all had the ability. After he destroyed roughly around fire entire cities, he left his planet.

Somewhere he was found by the Tetramand and Galvan police, and put into the Null Void. He escaped do to he was able to find all the peaces to build a portal gun. While in there he heard about the Alphatrix. But then right before he escaped, he was told it was being transported across five possible galaxies, but he still went ahead with his plan. To capture it.


  • His name is a pun off of Sonar.
  • He is white because of him not being Evolved to the fullest. Becoming blue is the only thing he is missing.
  • While in the Null Void he met a Appoloplexian that said Sonilex looked like an albino tree, making Sonilex just stand there in confusion.