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Sonic Skull
Tno khyber alien.png
General Information
Species Zaroffian
Home Planet Sangerosia
DNA Source Khyber
Body Humanoid
Abilities Ultrasonic Whistle
Enhanced Strength
Skilled in hand to hand combat
Skilled Hunter
Skilled Hacker
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
First Appearance The New Aliens
Status Unlocked

Sonic Skull is the Omnitrix MK10's DNA sample of a Zaroffian from Sangerosia.


Sonic Skull has a black suit covering his upper body with a green stripe in the middle and grey pants. He has green gloves and a green belt, as well as black boots with green soles. He wears green bones as ornamentation over his clothes, the broken up skeletal remains of creatures, which consists of:

  • A ribcage on his chest.
  • A tail bone on his right shoulder and a skull of a horned animal on his left shoulder.
  • Ribs covering the back of his black suit and boots.
  • Claws on his shoes.

The only part of Sonic Skull's body that is exposed is his face, which is turquoise with a large lower jaw. His jaw has teeth fused with his lips, similar to Detrovites. He has green eyes. He also has gills under his cheeks, which he can use for whistling in order to summon Zed when under his command.

Powers and Abilities

Sonic Skull is a skilled hacker, capable of hacking into any technology, especially Plumber technology.

Sonic Skull can blow an ultrasonic whistle either through his mouth or his gills, which he used to issue commands to all animals who will obey him, which can also be heard by Vulpimancers.

Sonic Skull has good knowledge of pressure points, as he knew of a pressure point in the shoulder of an Appoplexian and humans that can paralyze it when he used it to subdue Rath. He calls it the Hephaestan Neuro Grip, which is useful in taking down all manner of prey.

Sonic Skull is strong enough to defeat Rath, and he was shown to be durable and barely be hurt by Rath.

Sonic Skull is agile enough to easily dodge Rook's blasts.


Sonic Skull is weak against Ultimate Echo Echo's sonic discs.

He is also weak against Big Chill, as Big Chill can freeze him.


  • Sonic Skull was unlocked by scanning Khyber before the events of A Tale of Two Frogs
  • Sonic Skull made his first appearance in The New Aliens, in which he was used to control Dr. Animo's mutant animals.


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