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Sonar is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of a Invisiblian from the planet Horrop.

General Information
Species Invisiblian
Home World Horrop
Body Monkey Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Able To Use Sonar

Has Extra Tracking Eye Stretchable Third Eye

360 Vision

High jumps

Enhanced Agility

First Appearance The Un-Natural


SonaR first appears to be a somewhat of a small monkey. He has three eyes (two big eyes on his head and one bigger one that is attached by a long cord-like thing on top of his head). He has sharp teeth, like Jury Rigg and has small pointed ears. His skin is sky blue as well. He has two small arms with three fingers, which are darker blue. He has a medium sized tail that is peach at the point of it and two very small legs with four toes which are also darker blue. His chest is all peach and he also has three spikes on the sides of his head, sorta like how Ultimate Humungousaur spikes on his helmet. He wears the gamatrix symbol on his chest.

In Gamaverse, SonaR has minor change. He now has longer arms and feet with 4 fingers and 3 toes. His tail is shorter and the tip is not baige as well and has 6 spikes on his head now. His third eye is more vibrant and bigger and he wears the gamatrix symbol on his lower chest. He also has a crown-like object on his head with small horns, almost exactly the same as Lodestar's. 13/15-year-old SonaR is the exact same but has no crown with horns on his head. 

Powers & Abilities[]

SonaR has the main ability to use his third eye, which acts like a sonar that can detect anything that is behind him. He also has quick reflexes that tie in with his good jumping skills. He also has enhanced agility as well.


SonaR has a few weaknesses: His eyes are sensitive to the touch, he has weak limbs, fire can hurt him. 

Mig 10[]

in The Un-Natural, SonaR made his debut and was used to see Shiar and secretly attack her but failed at his plan.

In Richard 10/Mig 10: The Battle Continues, SonaR was used to track Deristroll from behind when a loud noise came through the city.

In The Final Face-Off Pt.2, SonaR was briefly and accidentally used due to the gamatrix's malfunctioning.

In Mig 10: The Time Has Come, SonaR appeared. 


In The Year of the Dragon Men, SonaR re-appears since Mig 10 and was dunked. 

In A Natural Selection, Part 2, SonaR tried to track down Shiar.

In Tunnels Can Be Dangerous, SonaR tracked down Deristroll. 


In Mig & Rich: It's About Time, SonaR appeared accidentally. 


Mig 10[]




  • He is Mig's first tracking-like alien. 
  • His powers relate to Wildmutt's sense tracking.
  • According to Mig, SonaR's vision is all infared. 
  • SonaR will not appear in TLOM, like Flash Flood
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