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General Information
Species Gothitelle
Powers and Equipment
Pokémon Info
Types Psychic
Ability Shadow Tag
Voice Actor Patti LuPone

Somnambula is the tyrant queen of Anodyne in Pokémon Sky.


Somnambula wears a large black tiered dress and has long black hair, tied into eight long buns. She has white bows on her clothes. She also wears a red cloak.

When she’s old, her face is covered in wrinkles, and her hair is white and droopy. She wears her hood up.

Powers and Abilities

Somnambula can steal the youth out of people. She prefers women youth. The bodies become elderly immediately instead of growing up faster. If she stole a little youth, instead of getting a few years older they would get little wrinkles. Her victims get incredibly thin, pale, and wrinkly. Their hair also goes gray.

She can use the youth to make monsters to fight for her. They come in Fighter, Ranger, Tank and Healer variations, depending on the personality and powers of the person who’s youth is used to make it. Upon destruction the drained person becomes young again. The monsters can also possess the person whose youth they belong to.

She can also use magic. She favors sleep magic.

Her Ability is Shadow Tag, which prevents people from leaving.


She is highly vain and more gerontophobic than Violet. She is also evil.



  • Her art pose is based on Dark Samus’ from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • She’s named after another villain with the same gimmick.
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