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Something You Should Know is the third episode of Ben 10: Negative Rising.


Ben is playing the new Sumo Slammers: Slammerverse video game.

(Ben): Yes! I beat the game!

The Omnitrix starts beeping.

(Max): Ben, a villain named Memorio-Master is robbing a jewelry store.

(Ben): Really? The guy can control memories, but robs jewelry?

(Max): Just hurry and stop him!

(Ben, sighing): Fine..jeesh.

Ben transforms into Jetray, opens the window, and flies out.

(Jetray, using Omnitrix's communicator): Where's the store?

(Max): 1356 West Oak Avenue.

(Jetray): Got it!

He arrives at the location and reverts back.

(Ben): Memory Guy..where are you?

(Memorio-Master): You moron! It's MEMORIO-MASTER.

(Ben, turning around): Uh huh.

Ben yawns and quickly selects an alien.

(Memorio-Master): ERRRR... Y U NO BELIEVE ME?!?!?

Ben transforms into Buzzskull and grabs Memorio-Master by the collar of his shirt.

(Buzzskull): Any more boring statements, Amnesia Dude?


Memorio-Master punches Buzzskull and pulls out a remote.

(Buzzskull): Yeah, A REMOTE. Like that's really going to affe-

He screams as Memorio-Master presses the red button on the remote.

(Memorio-Master, laughing): And who said red buttons were dangerous?

(Buzzskull, timing out): Mommy, I don't wanna go to school..

Ben falls to the concrete as Memorio-Master picks up his phone.

(??): Well?

(Memorio-Master): Don't worry, master Eo- I mean..master Xarlek, I have the Krazor.

(Xarlek, furious): If you even THINK about comparing me to that being, or even make the SLIGHTEST SUGGESTION towards it, I will throw you into Mount Currotvos on Electropia!

(Memorio-Master, frightened): My apologies, master Xarlek. But, I am in possession of the Krazor you require.

(Xarlek, calming down): Good. And what about Tennyson?

(Memorio-Master, tossing the Krazor into his other hand): Not a problem.

(Xarlek): Excellent. Bring Tennyson to me.

(Memorio-Master): Dead or alive?

There is a pause for several seconds until Xarlek finally speaks again.

(Xarlek): Alive. I want to see what his role shall be in my master plan.

(Memorio-Master): Very well. But, what if he wakes up? His Omnit-

(Xarlek, mimicking Ben): Omnitrix, access Voice Command.

(Omnitrix): Voice Command function unlocked.

(Xarlek): Now, Code 10. 0-0-0 Decouple 0-0-0.

(Omnitrix): Omnitrix decoupling.

The Omnitrix decouples from Ben's wrist as Memorio-Master picks it up.

(Xarlek): Now, don't be late.

(Memorio-Master): Y-y-yes sir.

He grabs Ben's unconscious body and activates a teleportation device built in to his remote.

(Xarlek): Cheater.

(Memorio-Master): You didn't say HOW I had to get here.

(Xarlek): Whatever, I don't care. As long as you have Tennyson, I am pleased.

(Memorio-Master): Again, sir, I have Tennyson.

He drops Ben onto the floor of the base.

(Xarlek): Perfect. Now, the Omnitrix?

(Memorio-Master, hesitating): Uh, about that..

He puts the Omnitrix on his wrist.

(Memorio-Master): It's mine.

Xarlek grabs him and twists his arm.

(Xarlek): You REALLY thought you could trick me? I AM THE SON OF-

Memorio-Master transforms into Echo Echo and fires a sound wave at Xarlek.

(Xarlek): Omnitrix, Code 10. 0-0-0 Decouple 0-

(Memorio-Master): SILENCE.

He fires another sound wave at Xarlek.

(Memorio-Master): Now, let's finish the job we started.

He walks towards Ben.

(Ben, waking up): Wha- I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming!

Memorio-Master fires a sound wave directly at Ben.

(Ben, startled): NOT DREAMING!

Xarlek punches Ben.

(Ben): Okay, who..are..you?!?


Max shoots Xarlek.

(Ben, annoyed): What..the..Primus.

(Max): Whoops, sorry I'm late..

(Memorio-Master, reverting back): Please arrest me.

(Ben): No.


(Azmuth, appearing like a boss): Omnitrix, Code BECAUSE-I-SAID-SO-0, Decouple.

(Ommitrix): Omnitrix decoupling, creator Azmuth.

Azmuth puts the Omnitrix on Max's hand.

(Azmuth): It's yours now.

Azmuth disappears like a boss.

(Ben): Grandpa..Azmuth just..

(Max, sighing): Ben, I know you wore the Omnitrix, but, no matter what, remember that YOU used its powers best.

(Ben): I..I..

(Max): Here, take this.

Max hands Ben a box with a Plumber insignia on it as he puts the Omnitrix on his own wrist.

(Ben): What is it?

(Max, winking): You'll see..




Aliens Used


  • The name of Electropia's volcano is revealed, Mount Currotvos.
  • It is revealed that Xarlek has strong emotions towards being compared to Eon, or anyone.
  • It is revealed that Xarlek has the ability to mimic Ben's voice.
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