Brandon 10 Shorts
Season 1, Episode 8
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Something Stinks is a short for the series, Brandon 10.


The episode begins with a helicopter flying away. On board are some robbers examining the jewely that they have just stolen. The pilot cheers along with the rest of the robbers but then stops and sniffs the air. He asks the rest of the robbers if they "smell something" and they reply that they do. The pilot looks around and sees Gasadactly flying around the helicopter. The pilot gets scared as well as a couple of the robbers. One of them, the leader, tells that he isn't afaird of a stinky dinosaur and shoots at Gasadactly. Gasadactly then soars over to the helicopter and produces a gas around it making the pilot practically blind-sighted. When the helicopter flies out of the gas, they are on a collison with a building. Everyone jumps out and the helicopter explodes on impact. Gasadactly then catches them all and leaves them tied to a streetlamp. Coco catches up with Gasadactly and Brandon turns back into Human. Brandon realises that he doesn't use Gasadactly oftenly and could accomplish cool things while using him. Coco doesn't like the sound of that. Later, Brandon transforms into Gasadactly and crosses an old lady across the street. As he flies away, the old woman passes out due to the bad smell. A little girl's cat is stuck up a tree, Gasadactly flies over and gases the tree until the cat falls outcold into his arms. He hands the cat to the girl and flies away. Even later on, Gasadactly is flying through the city enjoying the way is helping everyone out. As he flies by, his scent causing a construction working to pass out on some controls. The controls then activate a crane carrying a water supply and it is dumped above where Gasadactly is flying. His wings then gets soaked and he crashes into a store. Gasadactly then sees that the old woman, the little girl and the owner of that shop are close to where he crashed. They look at him angrily and Gasadactly notices that he's in a perfume store. Meanwhile, Coco is walking down the street and he noticing Gasadactly flapping away from the group of people spraying him with perfume angrily.


  • Brandon
  • Coco
  • Old Woman
  • Little Girl
  • Construction Worker
  • Perfume Store Owner

Alien Used


  • Robbers


  • This short was added after a very long cancellation was cancelled.
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