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An awesome episode where Solo forces Kross to let him mess with his series for one episode. However, it starts getting out of hand...


In the Userverse[]

Kross is writing his series when Solo walks in.

Solo: Kross, its my B-Day!

Kross: OK, Happy Birthday!

Solo: Do you have a present for me?

Kross: Errr, not really

Solo: Well, then I'll make a present. I get to control Albedo 10 and Kurt 10 for the rest of the day!

Kross: Fine, as long as it doesn't get out of hand...

In Kurt 10[]

Kurt is fighting Prime Kevin when a Galvanic Mechamorph appears.

Kurt: Get back! (transforms) Heat-Bat!

GM: No, I want Biowulf!

Heat-Bat: What, how he's not even an alien! Or in this series!

GM: Don't care. (waves hand and Heat-Bat turns into Biowulf)

Biowulf: How!?

to be continued...