Solaris is a Unovian from an unknown planet he is a highly powerful Alien and can only be accessed the the


Deltamatrix. Rex only used during a fight with his robotic duplicate, and due to the destruction that followed, abruptly sealed it's data away using a complex code, created by Azmuth. Only by voice activation by both Azmuth and Rex will the transformation be unlocked.


  • Solar Energy Projection.
  • Solar Energy Absorption.
  • Flight
  • God-like strength
  • God-like Speed
  • God-like Durability
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Claws
  • Firey Chakram Blade that grows from tail.
  • Enhanced-Reflexes
  • Generation of Volcanic Eruptions.


  • Vast amounts of liquid nitrogen.
  • Tires out from lack of exposure to sunlight or solar energy.
  • Using too much solar energy.[[]]
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