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The Sol 10 Lost Chapters are a compilation of partially-written episodes for Sol 10 that were never finished and thus never released. This is essentially an "archival" episode. I don't want to end the series with two episodes, but I don't want to write episodes for something that will never be finished. So I have this.

Note From The Author

I know technically all of this is a note from the author, but I really don't care. All I wan to say is that I'm uploading this not because I think it's good, but because I just want to get this out so that I can start to work on the reboot. Don't get me wrong. These episodes are all trash. Imagine Dragons is the worst thing I've ever written, and that's saying a lot. Have you SEEN my other series? God damn.

But yeah. These episodes spent months in the works, yet they're nothing but portions of written parts and outlines. Have fun, I guess?


  • Imagine Dragons: 9155 (I would skip this one, but I hate this with an undying passion, so do whatever you feel like, I guess)
  • Time On My Side: 5592
  • My Own Worst Enemy: 2210
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