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This article represents information that has not, in part or in full, been explained or alluded to within an Earth-1010 series.

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Software Alien.png
General Information
Species Advanced Pixi Artificial Intelligence Hologram
DNA Source SD-1
Body Holographic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hologram Generation
Hologram Manipulation
Computer Interfacing
Limited Intangibility
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Strength
Weaknesses Vulnerable Core
Used By Ben Prime
Appears in Ben 10: Road Trip

Software is the T2 Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Advanced Pixi Artificial Intelligence Hologram in Earth-1010.


Software is a green humanoid hologram with a square head similar in appearance to that of Sadie. He has a visible internal hologram projector upon which the Omnitrix dial sits.

Powers and Abilities

Software's primary combat abilities revolve around his holographic structure. He is able to alter his size, shape, and tangibility at will, as well as project additional structures to help him fight and traverse the environment.

Software as the ability to interface with any digital technology it can touch, allowing him to communicate, hack, or override any computer system. Eventually, Ben will learn that this ability can be used wirelessly.


Software's hologram generation core cannot be made intangible. If it is destroyed, Software would be killed.


Ben 10: Road Trip

Software was unlocked when the T2 Omnitrix completed it's long-term background scan of SD-1 in The Library of Encephalonus IV. He was later used to help interface with the Library after it had been sent into lockdown.

He was later used again in The Ultimate Planet to reprogram Albedo's Negativitrix, allowing him access to a greater number of aliens.


Ben 10: Road Trip

Ben Prime

  • The Library of Encephalonus IV (first appearance)
  • The Ultimate Planet


Intermission using Software's face