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Imad 10 - Sociopath Seven

The Sociopath Seven, A powerful legion of mastermind evil scientists.

Criminal organization in Imad 10

The sociopath Seven were once seven scientists working in different domains in a terrorist organization, they were promised by the organization that they will be greatly rewarded if they invented them powerful weapons of destruction, and that they will be finished off if they don't accept to help them. However, the terrorists provided them with poor equipment and involved them in highly and unpredictable experiments, which led to a huge accident that would change the scientist's lives forever.

The accidents greatly damaged their bodies and minds, rendering them mad with power. However, they were infused with great abilities. The first thing they did was kill the terrorists who treated them badly, then they decided to form an alliance to take over the world.

Sociopath Males

The male members of the sociopath Seven

UP: Left: Bio-Tox . Right: Drain-Ergy

Socio Females

The three females of the Sociopath Seven.

Middle: Left: Cyber-Fiend . Right: Cryo-Flame

Down: Female members: Right: Ray-Wave . Middle: Sociopath Seven Leader: Fallen-Star . Left: Echo-Wave


Logo / Symbol of the 7