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Grandpa: Ben I am so proud of you!

Ben: Thanks! (Turns up radio) I wonder if Shaggy Carpet is on?

Newsreporter: Local attacks of aliens everywhere! Villians known as Kevin 11, Eon, Clancy, Hex, Charmcaster, Kraab, Rojo, Dr. Animo, Vulkanus, Sixsix, Sublimo and many more are roaming free, waiting to attack!

Ben: You heard it Grandpa, Gwen, time to attack! (Transforms) Ghostfreak! I will see ya guys there!

Gwen: Ben don't you dare!

He phased out. Ghostfreak found Kraab at a construction area.

Ghostfreak: Now you are under my control!

Kraab: I don't think so!

He shot goo at Ghostfreak which made him unable to go intagible.

Ghostfreak: You don't understand do you? (Transforms) Upgrade!

Upgrade posessed him and tore him to pieces. Upgrade reverted. Eon came and shot a beam at Ben. It hit him and he went into a portal. Ben blacked out. When he woke he found an middle aged guy looking at him. Ben 10,000.

Ben 10,000: Hey. This might be confusing but I am you.....................just more awesomer!

Ben: Wha...

Gwen: Easy there kiddo!

Grandpa: Hey isn't that little Ben?

Suddenly a future Kevin 11,000 comes and he mutates.

Ben 10,000: In your dreams Kevin! (Transforms) Spitter!

Ben: Cool! (Transforms) Spitter! This is fun!

They spat on him.

Ben 10,000: This isn't working!

Ben: I know! (Transforms) Four Arms!

Four Arms charged.

Spitter: Ah little ones! (Transforms) Diamondhead!

He charged. Meanwhile Gwen was shooting yellow mana at Kevin 11,000.

Kevin 11,000: I'm just getting warmed up!

Diamondhead: Are you!

He shot crystals at Kevin. He easily batted them aside.

Diamondhead: Let's spark it up! (Transforms) Buzzshock!

Four Arms: I like my aliens cool! (Transforms) Articguanna!

The three fought him but in the end Kevin still won.

Buzzshock: I have an idea! Go (Transforms) Waybig!

Articguanna: (Transforms) Waybig!

The two shot Cosmic rays at Kevin. He turned back into human form.

Kevin: Another day Tennyson!

He zoomed off.

Ben 10,000: I guess you will be staying here a while so I guess welcome!

Ben: Thanks.

Gwen: Now I'll show you your room!

Ben: Okay! (Transforms) Grey Matter! Pick me up! I don't feel like walking!

Gwen: I forget how bratty kids are!

Grey Matter: Hey!

Grandpa (Quietly to himself): Hehehehehehehehehehehehe!

Grey Matter: I can still here ya Grandfather!