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                      This is an episode of the series Evfnye 10.

Snowman and Snow is the twenty-seventh episode of Evfnye 10.


After a casual creation of fuel by Evfnye and Mr. Bucks' business being highly successful, Evfnye thinks that his money is now renewable. He decides to vacate on a mountain he likes because it is snowy on the top, but there is still enough oxygen to breathe. He uses Four Arms to climb the mountain, but finds out there is no snow on it, like it used to be when Evfnye was 12. He is disappointed and thinks global warming should be stopped. He remembers an island in Antarctica, named Mushroom Island, where temperatures are said to be incredibly high for Antarctic standards. He gets into his spaceship and flies to this unknown island.

After a while, Evfnye lands and sees a desert island covered with ash and rocks. He is unable to understand why the temperatures have risen by 100 C°, and explores the place. He finds the source of heat, a volcano-like structure that emits smoke. He uses a pickaxe from his spaceship and digs into it. He finds a secret entrance to something that looks lik an underground city, where many Pyronites meet him. Some are scared that a Human found their place, thinking it is a trap, and attack them, but Evfnye transforms into Heatblast to prevent the attacks. He explains everything and asks if they know anything about the smoke, stating it heats up the planet. Their mayor, Acetylene answers that they did this because they preventing something called snow to get into the base. Evfnye explains the essence of snow on Earth, and the Pyronites are thankful and let Evfnye get into the city freely. Evfnye removes the smoke that heats the atmosphere and replaces it with a heater that melts snow, but is cooled down by water.

Evfnye leaves and returns to his beloved mountain, and tries to get snow on it. He fails, but hopes it will start to rain soon.

Noteworthy Events

  • A Pyronite city is revealed to be on Earth.
  • Acetylene and many other Pyronites make their debuts.


Aliens Used


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