SnowBeast is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Kumafrigian from the planet Wintter. SnowBeast was created by Alexandre Magno.

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Polar SnowBeast looks like a humanoid ice bear. He has blue light eyes, wears a black jacket with blue markings and a white belt and wears a black suit with green details beneath it, which contains the Omnitrix on his waist. He also has crystal-like structures on his shoulders, lower arms and hands, which act as brass knuckles.


Brown SnowBeast looks exactly like his polar counterpart, except he has brown fur and no crystals on his shoulders.


SnowBeast is a very harsh alien, being easily annoyed.

Powers and Abilities

Polar SnowBeast is able to create icy close range weapons, like knives and swords, while Brown SnowBeast is able to create long range weapons. The weapons of both are immune to high temperatures.


SnowBeast hot temper is his main weakness, as he may get in an argument with his own team. Like Rath, he tends to attack first, think later.

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  1. Double Trouble (x2)


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