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Snot Goblin
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General Information


Home Planet:




Alternate Counterparts Snot Goblin (Earth-1799.A)
Other Info

Mucus Minions
Mucus Generation
Enhanced Climbing


Unintelligible Speech
Physically Weak

First Appearance:

The New Outbreaks (Ben 10: Time's End)

Snot Goblin is the DNA sample of a Splicchac from the planet Pierahruzanasc. He is a free use alien.


Snot Goblin is a small, humanoid alien, looking somewhat like a jellybean with limbs. He has pale green skin, with dark green warts all over his body. He has dark green arms that appear similar to tree branches. His eyes bulge off the sides of his head. The center of his face is his mouth, being circular with four teeth. He wears black briefs with a green belt, which houses the Omnitrix. In The Alan 10 Adventures, the Simplicitrix's Snot Goblin appears almost the same as his Omnitrix counterpart, although he wears a red belt instead of green, and his skin is slightly darker.


  • Snot Goblin's throat is perpetually filled with mucus. This allows him to spit it up as projectiles. Unlike Stinkfly and Spitter, Snot Goblin is unable to produce his mucus as a stream, but instead coughs it up as globs. These globs can either be used as projectiles or morph into minions to fight for him.
  • Snot Goblin's arms allow him to climb surfaces with ease.


  • Due to Snot Goblin's throat being filled with mucus all the time, and instantly refilling once he spits some up, he is unable to intelligbly speak.
  • Snot Goblin is physically too weak for combat, so he must rely on his mucus minions to fight for him.


Ben 10: Time's End

  • In The New Outbreaks, Snot Goblin unintentionally appears when Blukic and Driba are trying to fix the Omnitrix. While not helpful in shutting down the core, he was able to guide the other Plumbers on how to defeat Bubble Helmet as Eatle and Fistina as Rath. He later appeared again and used his mucus minions to hold Liam as Arctiguana down while the Omnitrix changed him back.


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Ben 10: Time's End


  • Snot Goblin's species name comes from the Belarusian words "sopli," meaning snot, and "čchać," meaning sneeze.
  • Snot Goblin's planet name is the Belarusian word for congestion.



  • Snot Goblin replaces The Worst in Ben 10: Time's End.
  • Interestingly, in his first appearance, where the Omnitrix was working improperly, he did not generate his mucus, allowing him to speak normally, only to have his mucus later in the episode when the Omnitrix gave the transformations their powers again.
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