General Information
Species Hebi Anguis
Home World Shinotochi
Body Humanoid Snake
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Pyrokinesis
Neurotoxic Venom
Equipment Golden Usekh
First Appearance Old Foes, New Beginnings

Snekfire is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted.


Snekfire's abilities include:

  • Pyrokinesis
  • Venomous Claws
  • Infrared Vision
  • Vibration Sensitivity

The venom secreted by Snekfire's claws is a powerful neurotoxin, and can fully paralyze a victim in only ten seconds after the strike.


Though not technically abilities, Moranna has developed techniques for her alien forms to use in combat.

  • Fire Whip: A thin whip made of fire. Can be compacted enough to physically strike an opponent.


Snekfire is a humanoid, snake-like alien with a color scheme similar to that of a coral snake. She has a cobra-like 'hood', and three eyes surrounded by fire-like markings. She wears a golden usekh with the AemuTrix symbol in its center.


Snekfire is cold-blooded, and is heavily weakened by cold enviroments.

Planet and Species Information

Snekfire is a Hebi Anguis from Shinotochi. The Hebi Anguis are generally a solitary people, living a nomadic lifestye. If they meet another member of their species, some pleasantries will be exchanged, but they usually move on fairly quickly. They have a very efficiency-driven mindset, spending most of their time working on some project or another. Because of this, those that decide to live off-planet are usually hired very quickly for work-intensive jobs.

Shinotochi itself is by no means a very pleasant place to be, considering all the active volcanoes spewing ash into the air and constant storms surrounding the planet. In spite of these harsh conditions, many forms of life have developed and prospered, giving the planet an unexpected sense of liveliness.



  • Snekfire's appearance was based off the Hindu goddes Chamunda .

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