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Ssserpent in Perfect Girlfriend
General Information
Species Medickslarian
Home World Medickslaria
Body Humanoid snake
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Can turn people to stone with all of the snakes of his body, and can turn self to stone
First Appearance Unknown

Sneaky-Snake is an alien that will appear in the brand new series, Hean 10.

Powers and abilities[]

Sneaky-Snake, has Medusa's abilities from Greek Mythology. He can become stone, making himself a statue or he can make other people stone with all the snake heads he has in his appearance.


If blinded in the eye by water or mud, Sneaky-Snake's power cannot work. He becomes very weak and can sometimes mistakly turn anyone into stone.


He looks exactly like Sserpent with a snake body and two snake heads for hands.

Apparance in Hean 10[]

  1. The World of Eduction goes HORRIBLY Wrong
  2. The Birth of Kanker ( Part 2 )
  3. The New Story
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