Berasnax Halprin
General Information
Species Appoplexian
Age Mid/Late-30's
Occupation(s) Jail Keeper (present)

Leader of Zenith (formerly)

Powers and abilities
Abilities Strength
Relatives Auma [mother]
Gunny [wife]
Marco [son]
Voice Actor Andrew Lincoln

Berasnax "Snax" Halprin is an Appoplexian, born on Earth and is the protagonist in the Solstice Saga.


Snax is a large Appoplexian with orange-red fur and black stripes in miscellaneous parts of his body. He wears a brown sleeveless top that opens in the center but could be connect through buttons. He wears his grandfather's necklace, which he has for as long as he could remember. His face is that of a seasoned, grizzled man who has seen a lot. He wears bulky gauntlets when he is out and vulnerable, such as outside the walls, but he rarely wears them inside the walls.


Snax is full of paranoia and nobody wants to mess with him. He mostly keeps to himself, occasionally visiting his son. He is quick to lash out and keeps himself emotionally isolated. Only to his family is he a soft, caring man.

Powers and Abilities

Snax has super strength and agility, enabling him to jump great distances and lift objects many times his weight. He also possesses a large, retractable, black claw on each wrist. This claw can be used to stab and slice opponents or to create a shockwave when stabbed into the ground. He is also extremely durable, being shown to be able to survive in space and take a point blank laser blast with no apparent effect. Snax can also release a large roar from his mouth, although this seems to be more of an intimidation tactic rather than an offensive feature.

  • It is implied that Snax did not want the job of jail keeper, but he took it solely so he did not seem suspicious and hide his depression.
  • Snax is the smartest and most logical person in the entire series, just not right away.
  • Snax does not invest any effort into anything he does besides Marco. He tries his very hardest to make Marco an amazing being to honor his late wife, Gunny.
  • Snax's morals and ideologies greatly clash with the rest of Zenith.
  • Although he used to be quarrelsome, Snax now tends to be somber and would not fight back.
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