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Snark Tanque
Snark Tanque Ulti.png
General Information
Species Snidellerodontus
Home World Chordelta Star World Beta
Body Shark
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Empathy
Extrasensory Perception
Weakness Detection
Verbal Beatdown
Psychic/Physical Damage Inducement
Voice Actor Rob Paulsen

Snark Tanque is the Infinimatrix's DNA sample of a Snidellerodontus from Chordelta Star World Beta. He is the Timeline 1 equivalent of the Derrick J. Wyatt-created Snark Tanque.


Snark Tanque maintains his design as created by Derrick J. Wyatt, but his Infinimatrix symbol is circular instead of hexagonal. His colors match the color palette of Heroes United.

Powers and Abilities

Snark Tanque has a very specific form of mild ESP and empathic powers. With these mental powers, he is able to pinpoint his opponents' biggest insecurities and flaws.

Once a weakness has been detected, Snark Tanque can craft such an amazing put-down that his words inflict psychic and physical damage on his foe.

Snark Tanque can also use his mental powers to pinpoint physical weak spots of an adversary.

Snark Tanque can use his powers in a positive manner as well. By expressing genuine compliments towards a physically injured or emotionally distraught ally, he can improve their mood and heal wounds.


If he were to be pulled out of his bowl Snark Tanque would mostly flop around on the ground like a fish.

Snark Tanque has a weak bite since his teeth are not very sharp.

Snark Tanque's powers only work on one person at a time.

Species and Planet Information

Long ago, the Snidellerodontus constantly bickered and fought among each other. This eventually escalated into a war, which lead to many lives being lost. The leaders of the various factions of Chordelta Star World Beta decided that their powers should be used for good instead, and a new way of life was introduced. The "Snide" part of their species' name serves as a reminder of what they used to be, so that they would never repeat their mistakes.

Snidellerodontus are taught to be compassionate and kind from a young age. Adults are mostly understanding towards each other and arguments are rare. There are debates, but they are civil and are mostly used to understand the other side's point of view instead of proving one side right. Using one's powers to discover someone else's insecurities is frowned upon and punishable by local law if long lasting damage is dealt.


  • Credit to Blake-Nomaly for the infobox image as well as some of the Snidellerodontus' backstory.
  • The additions made to Snark Tanque's powers and species were adapted from an idea for a new alien Ulti had in November 2019, several months before Snark Tanque was unveiled by Derrick, as shown in the gallery.
  • Snark Tanque sounds similar to Gorvan in Omniverse.


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