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Snare-ye-oh is a fusion alien from Earth-68. He is the fusion of Snare-oh and Eye Guy.

General Information
Species 1/2 Thep Khufan

1/2 Opticoid

Home World None
Body Humanoid Mummy
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Stretchable Limbs
Limited Shapeshifting
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Energy Beams
Ice Beams
Fire Beams
First Appearance Time to Duel Part 1


His body has Eye Guy’s shape, and is composed of Snare-oh’s bandages. His head is in the form of a black headdress, with no eyes on it, and his ears hidden in the headdress. Purple eyes open over his body, on the bandages. Two bandages come around his neck in the form of a necklace, drooping down, as an eye stretches from his chest. Bandages wrap around the eye, forming in the shape of an upside-down pyramid. The Dueltrix symbol is on his belt.

Powers and Abilities

Snare-ye-oh has the ability to stretch his bandage appendages, extending them to attack. He has limited shapeshifting of the bandages on his body, able to open up his chest.

Snare-ye-oh has several eyes on his body, able to open on any bandage he extends. He can fire energy beams, ice beams and fire beams. He can expand the size of his puzzle appendage, increasing the size of the eye on it.

He has enhanced durability and enhanced strength.

Dimension 40 (Ya-Mi-Oh!)


  • Snare-ye-oh's name is a combination of Snare-oh and eye.
  • The name is also a play on the name Yu-gi-oh.
  • HIs pyramid necklace is directly based off the Millennium Puzzle.
  • He cannot be accessed by the regular Omnitrix.
  • He can be accessed by Omnitrices that specialize in fusions, such as the Dueltrix.