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Ben as Snakepit

Snakepit as he appears in Ben 10: The Next Gen.

General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown

Humanoid Serpent

Powers and abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Paralysis Venom
Shed his skin

Snakepit is an alien from the same species as Ssserpent. He is an alien in Ben 10: The Next Gen.


Snakepit is Green and pale with red eyes. He looks like a large cobra he has a wide hood. Snakepit name comes from his ability to separate his body into one large snake and several small ones. He has a snake head on his tail and one attached to the bottom of his hood. The Protomatrix/Omnitrix symbol is on his chest under two small brown snakes.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Enhanced Strength: Snakepit is shown to be able to lift a armored vehicle.
  • Paralysis Venom: When Snakepit bites a person he can inject paralyzing Venom into his opponents. The effects last 10 minute on a small/medium sized opponent, and less than 2 on a large one.
  • Enhanced Speed and Agility: Snakepit can slither with great agility and speed.
  • Sharp Teeth: Snakepit has multiple heads with very sharp teeth.
  • Regeneration: Snakepit can separate and regenerate body parts.
  • Elongation: Snakepit has the ability to elongate his head, hand, and tails.


  • Snakepit is cold-blooded and cold temperatures cause him to become much more lethargic.
  • It takes Snakepit 30 seconds to regenerate. He cannot completely regenerate if part of his is missing.


  • Snakepit's alien DNA sample comes from Ssserpent.
  • Snakepit was unlocked by reunlocked by Ken when he was fighting Ssserpent.
  • Snakepit's picture was made by Illuminate01 on Deviantart. I added the background and the color.
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