Snakepit Curtis 10
General Information
Species Ophidian
Home World Serpentis
Body Snake
Powers and Abilities
Voice Actor Michael Dobson

Snakepit is the Triomnitrix's and recreated Triomnitrix's DNA sample of an Ophidian from the forest planet Serpentis.


Snakepit is from a race of four-armed humanoid snakes. He has a long, winding body and an extended neck. His heads is identical to the head of Earth snakes. His skin color is purple, but he also has cream-coloured scale segments on the underside of his tail, stomach, and over the biceps on each arm. Each arm ends in a hand with only two fingers per hand.


Snakepit is a powerful constrictor. When he wraps himself around his prey or enemy, few are powerful enough to break free. The crushing powers of Snakepit are enough to crush several steel beams at once.

Ophidians can generate venom in the sharp claws on their hands.

He can also turn invisible, but his Triomnitrix does not turn invisible.


Snakepit is a weak fighter and can easily be over powered, especially if caught off guard.

Snakepit has an instinctive fear of fire. This fear often overpowers any kind of rational thought.

Having only two fingers per hand makes grasping small objects or fine manipulation diffuclt without using at least two hands.

The Triomnitrix's DNA sample of an Ophidian is always purple-skinned, meaning that it's camouflage abilities are more likely than not nullified.

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