General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Serpent-lik
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Poison
First Appearance Better World?
Snakepit is an alien from the same species of Ssserpent. He was first mentioned in Ken 10 but never (or not yet) made a canon appearance. It was first used by Dark Ben in Better World? but was outmatched against Viper.

Physical Appearance

Snakepit looks similar to Ssserpent but with a grey waist and a ultimatrix om his chest. If he stands, he's 2 meter but with his tail, he's 4. He have the head of a cobra and very sharp teeth. His hands are replaced with two normal snakeheads without eyes (or brain). These 'heads' have a large mouth with teeth. His skin is green, just like his eyes.

and Abilities

Snakepit is pretty smart and has superhuman strenght (He is as strong as a grizzly). His teeth contain a dealdy poison, powerful enough to kill an elephant (similar to a King Cobra). He remove his old skin and use it as a distrection. He can anticapite very quick and learn incredible fast from his enemy.


He isn't as strong as Four Arms and other, he can't survive with very low temperature. Overall, he's not a powerhouse (most likely the reason, why Ken didn't want him first.) Only someone who's a great strategist know how to use this one on his best


Ben 10: Alien Alliance

Season 1



  • Species will maybe revealed later...
  • Snakepit is mentioned in Ken 10, making him a Omnitrix alien too.

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