A Super Mutant With Various Alien DNA Dr. Animo Created  for Lord Nosidda

Super Mutant 6 Smytus


Smytus is a bitter and sour guy in comparison to his chuckle-head partner, Desolation . While he may be the type of generic brute to throw punchline once and while, he's very dry about it. Otherwise, he is little more than a rampaging beast fighting just for the sake of fighting.

Powers and Abilities

He is as strong as Ultimate Humungousaur and as fast as Jetray . He can spontaneously regenerate at a sub-molecular Level, Spits Acid, can project Tornadoes from his hands and He can generate green energy javelins.He can use them as ranged weapons, throwing them at an opponent, and as a melee weapon.




  • He is always paired with Desolation
  • His name is a pun for Smite
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