Smoke Stack
Smoke Stack 2018
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Home Planet:

Ignisque Nidore


Humanoid Smoke Stack

Alternate Counterparts Smoke Stack
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Smoke Generation
Steam Generation
Smoke Immunity
Heat Generation
Pyrokinetic Blasts
Minor Ferrokinesis
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability


Magnetic Opponents
Heat Resistant Opponents
Aiming Mishap
Aerokinetic Opponents

First Appearance:


Smoke Stack is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Fumusapien from the planet Ignisque Nidore.


Smoke Stack takes on the appearance of a smoke stack with limbs. He has two stubby legs as well as two oddly proportioned arms, with four digits on each hand. His face is a dark grey near the top of his torso. He has smoke coming out of the top of his head. The lower half of his torso is dark green, sectioned off by light green markings. He wears the Omnitrix right beneath his mouth.


  • Smoke Stack, as his name suggests, is capable of producing smoke from the top of his head. This power also gives him an immunity to smoke. He can also produce steam instead.
  • Smoke Stack can produce and conduct heat through any part of his body.
  • From the top of his head, Smoke Stack can create pyrokinetic blasts. Unlike the pyrokinetic powers of Heatblast or Swampfire, Smoke Stack can only shoot in the direction the top of his head is pointed, and only shoot in a constant stream as opposed to individual fireballs easily thrown by hand.
  • Smoke Stack can manipulate metal with a form of minor ferrokinesis. While not able to use full on magnetic blasts like that of Lodestar, he is able to manipulate the shape and integrity of metal.
  • Smoke Stack has enhanced strength and durability.


  • Given Smoke Stack's metallic body, he is weak against magnetic opponents. His ferrokinesis is also not enough to counteract that of a more powerful ferrokinetic opponent.
  • Heat and fire resistant opponents will not bea ffected by Smoke Stack's powers.
  • Smoke Stack is very slow, given his size, weight, and overall bodytype.
  • If Smoke Stack aims improperly, he can hit unintended targets with his fire.
  • Aerokinetic opponents can dissipate Smoke Stack's smoke.






  • Smoke Stack's species name is a play on the Latin word "fumus," meaning smoke.
  • Smoke Stack's planet name is a play on the Latin words "ignis," meaning fire, and "ictusque nidore," meaning smelt.


  • When Smoke Stack was first developed, he was a Youngstorian (a play on Youngstown) from the planet Furnacia (a play on furnace).

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