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Smallsize is an alien in Sean 10: A New Generation. He is a Rattan from the polluted planet Rodenta 5.0.



Smallsize is a 3-inch tall bipedal rat-like alien. His Codonatrix is on his chest. He has fairly sharp claws and dirty, disorganized fur. The fur is black and slightly spiked. His tail is prehensile and can be used as an extra arm. One of his teeth sticks out like a fang.


Smallsize is intelligent, but not to the same extent as the almost-extinct Galvan. His main power is using the electrons in his brain to psychically control anything electrical. He can disassemble things using his brainpower and reassemble them into more useful things for him to use. He is also good at sneaking around. Smallsize can climb up vertical walls, and usually people can't tell he's an alien due to his similarities to a rat. He also has a mildly toxic bite that can make enemies dizzy and disoriented, but this power is rarely used. When he uses his psychic powers, his eyes buzz green with electricity.


The more Smallsize uses his brainpower, the more drained he becomes and is prone to migraines and fainting. He is also very small and can be captured or squished easily. When talking about something technological, Smallsize tends to rant and use very large words, making the point of what he's saying very confusing.

Personality Changes[]

When Sean turns into Smallsize, he tends to say extremely intelligent technological terms that no one can understand. He has a habit of making not-funny jokes that only he can see the humor in.


  • Smallsize is Sean's equivalent to Grey Matter.
  • Sean is capable of remembering the things he learns as Smallsize when he transforms back, but he hasn't unlocked this feature in the Codonatrix.
  • Smallsize has a high-pitched, sqeaky voice that Daniel makes fun of a lot.