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Home Planet:


Other Info
Crimes: Murder of an entire satadium and some other people
Goal: See Goal Section
Abilities: Super Strength

Super Digging

Earth Tremors

Earth Eruption

Jackhammer Arms

Drill Hands

Super Durability

1st appearance: Unknown
Arch-enemy: Oussama Matar

Ahmad (indirectly)

Henchmen/Leader: His Master
Smackdown is a proud Blue Talpaedan from the planet Terraxcava, though he was raised someplace else,  in a possible Ahmad 15 Sequel. This Villain/Mercenary was released as a spoiler character.


Smackdown appears as a normal blue muscular Talpaedan, who wears metal armor across his body. His face is purple pink, with red eyes. It is mentioned that he will wear an eye-patch sometime later.


Smackdown loves to just smash apart stuff, and tear them into pieces, hence his weapon of choice-a powerful stone-hard jackhammer.

That said, he is partially crippled by a persistent paranoia, especially when he is in crowds. He is much happier working alone, away from the eyes he is sure are watching him at every moment. However, he is very friendly with his Orishan pal, Rock Out, as the two have become good friends in their long partnership, and seem to value each other as much as any pair of friends could, ever since they shared that prison cell back in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Since beginning to work with his master, Smackdown has proven to have some quite intriguing depths to his character, besides his deep friendship with Rock Out. He doesn't treat the usually yelled-at Robot Drones, by well, yelling at them, and even chats to them about different topics and is sure to thank them for their hard work.

He also has a healthy dose of respect for his foes, as well as gratitude. However, these noble traits are tempered by his boisterous temper; always eager to join a fight or pound some dents into someone.


Smackdown used to be a wrestler at some point. But at a certain match, he was enraged because of his loss and eventually destroyed the stadium and killed everyone in it. He was eventually imprisoned in an intergalactic Andromeda prison, and he shared his prison cell with fellow Orishan Rock Out. The two became good friends since. And even after they escaped the prison (by literally bringing it down), they became mercenary partners, doing various "drity work" jobs for hefty fees. He was eventually hired by the main villain of said series and quickly became a main villain.

Powers and Abilities

Being a proud Talpaedan, he possess all of their powers.


He just wants to get his pay, and not get pummeled down by his overpowered master.




  • He was originally gonna be made as a black Tetramand, and later a black Talpaedan.
  • He was originally gonna be called "Jackhammer", but the name was changed to better fit the character.
  • He is based off Breakdown, as much as his pal is based off Knock Out.
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