Sly Shreen
General Information
Species Artifical Mutant Human
Home World Earth
Physiology Humanoid
Alias Pslycho
Alignment Bad
Friends Terox (deceased)
Dread (deceased)
Daniel Rivers (formerly)
Miguel Rivers (formerly; deceased)
Relatives Shiar Shreen (daughter)
Mrs. Shreen (wife; deceased)
Toon Shreen (brother)
Age 50
Status Deceased
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Cerebrokinesis (Terox influence)
First Appearance Mig X: Revolution
Sly Shreen, or Pslycho, is a villain in Mig X: Revolution.


Sly appears as a bald man who sports a grey suit and a purple tie, as well as wears a spectacle and a small fedora. He is a bit overweight as well.

Powers & Abilities

While under the influence of Terox, he served as a cerebrokinetic being.


Sly was born in Central City, and eventually began to become obsessed with power, after seeing info on the news about such villains, including Kurss. Sly sought out Terox and become one of his disciples, acquiring cerebrokinesis in the process. This made him psychotic, hence the name. He murdered his wife, thinking she was inferior and would not accept him, and later murdered his daughter's girlfriend, thinking that she was in the way. Sly then wanted his daughter to become what he had.


Mig X

The Gamma Awakening


  • Sly's name comes from psycho, which references his personality as well as powers.
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