General Information
Species CaDU
Home World Xandross
DNA source None
Body Humanoid Robot
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Strength
Chemical Control
Equipment Napoleon's Sunglasses
First Appearance Never Met a Laser I Didn't Like


Sludgehammer's abilities include:

  • Extreme Strength
  • Element Fusion
  • Element Absorbtion
  • Transmogrification
  • Chemical Creation
  • Chemical Expulsion



Sludgehammer is a heavyset humanoid robotic alien with a large frame. His 'eye' is a golden star shaped hole that shoots out light. His torso has a clear area made of an unknown material that shows the chemicals currently being mixed. He still wears Napoleon's signature sunglasses.


Sludgehammer, though not especially slow, is very unwieldy and more or less the opposite of agile. He also requires matter to transmogrify for chemical mixing, so he is unable to use his special abilities in a vacuum.

Planet and Species Information

Sludgehammer is a CaDU (Chemical and Demolition Unit) originating from the factory planet Xandross.

Originally designed for the safe transportation of chemicals through automatic means, the scientists in charge of developing the project realized that the robots could be put to much better use, and so upgraded the design to incorporate the creation and mixing of chemicals, along with installing a complex hydraulics system that had the power to destroy any hazardous material or obstacle.

Though not technically alive, their advanced processors have the capability to hold a conciousness if need be. When questioned about this incredible achievement of robotics being implimented into common factory robots, the scientists stated that this was like totally intentional, notably with their fingers/claws crossed behind their backs.


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