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Slime Shot
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
DNA source Unknown
Body Various/Humanoid Liquid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shapeshifting


Acidic Slime

Slime Projection

First Appearance Kidnapped

Slime Shot is an alien transformation from the show, Brandon 10.


Slime Shot is a green, humanoid blob with small, darker green bone fragments in him. He also seems to have, by default, two fingers per hand.

Powers and Abilities

Slime Shot can change his shape into various forms, regenerate, produce and project slime, glide momentarly, fit in small spaces and stick to surfaces. Slime Shot can also charge himself up and cause a slime explosion and then his bone fragments would piece together along with the goo thus completing his regeneration.


If one of the bone fragments is lost, Slime Shot can not regenerate after an explosion. He also looses his shape and movement with the less bone fragments he has. Despite being able to change his shape and size, he is by default small and his bone fragments can be crushed as well.


Original Series


Video Games

Online Games




  • He is the first liquid-type alien in Brandon 10
  • His head tip looks similar to a pulled back hair do


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