Slime is the Deltatrix's DNA sample of a Polymorph from the planet Viscosia.


Slime is a 200-pound humanoid mass of blue slime, held up by an Anti-Gravity Projector.

They wear the Deltatrix symbol on the Anti-Gravity Projector.


Slime is indestructible, making it difficult to defeat them by attacking their body.

Slime is able to generate and shoot slime from any part of their body. The slime they generate can either be acidic or adhesive. They can shoot it in continuous streams similar to a water hose or in blob-like projectiles.

Slime can stretch, bend and deform themselves into any shape or form.

Slime can regenerate and rebuild themselves

Slime possesses enhanced strength and can increase the impact power of their attacks by stretching himself backwards and using the recoil to launch enemies with a single punch.

Slime does not need oxygen, letting them exist underwater and in space.

Slime can change their density to be like thick rubber, or a liquid.

Slime can survive in intense heat, such as the one on their home planet Viscosia.


Slime's Anti-Gravity Projector allows them to walk around in places with much higher gravity than their home planet, as well as giving them some new powers.

The Anti-Gravity Projector gives Slime the ability to fly by manipulating their gravity. They can also use the Anti-Gravity Projector as a weapon, using it's edges like a buzz saw.

The Anti-Gravity Projector has a personal shield that Slime can use to defend it from attacks.


Slime is limited to their Anti-Gravity Projector controlling their body. If separated or destroyed, Alex will be stuck as a Polymorph until it is repaired or found.

If spun too fast, Slime cannot keep a solid form.

Slime is unable to control external forms of slime, such as those generated by Lepidopterrans, Sphoeroids, and even other Polymorphs.


  • Slime is blueberry-flavored, unlike Ben 23's Polymorph, who is blue raspberry.
  • Slime shares a voice with OV Goop.
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