Slifer the Sky Dragon
General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
DNA source Unknown
Body Serpent/Dragon
Powers and Abilities
Abilities See Powers
First Appearance Meet The Saturdays
Slifer the Sky Dragon is an alien in Kurt 10. It is currently unknown


Slifer was first used in Meet The Saturdays to defeat Ziditor on the Saturdays' blimp. He did this by wrapping around the Saturdays' airship and blasting Ziditor with a weak energy blast, but that alone was powerful enough to blast him off the ship.

It then returned in Negrox's Invasion to destroy a battlecruiser controlled by Negrox's Army. While doing this he showed his full strength by shattering the ship in half by constricting his body. However, he wasn't able to avoid getting sucked into a portal.


  • Fire breath
  • Energy ball breath
  • Flight
  • Enormous size-can wrap around the Secret Saturday's blimp four to five times


If hit on crystal on top of his head, he becomes confused or knocked out.


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