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General Information
Species Lepidopterran with Null Guardian wings
Home World Null Void
Residence Null Void Incarcecon
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Flight
Aerial Combat
Slime Projectiles
Slime Spit
Poison Gas
Toxic Saliva
Herbicide Projection
Sharp Claws
Sharp Feet
Sharp Tail
Movable Eyes
360° Vision
Strong Exoskeleton
Wall Crawling
Fire Suppression (via Slime Projectiles)
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Reflexes
Enhanced Speed (via Flight)
First Appearance Never Forget You

Slifec is a character in Bonds. She first appeared in Never Forget You. She is a Lepidopterran who was born in the Null Void.


Slifec is a female Lepidopterran with large grey Null Guardian wings and yellow eyes with black pupils. She wears a sleeveless full-body orange outfit and a grey collar around her neck.


Prior to Bonds

Sometime before the beginning of Bonds, Slifec's parents were imprisoned in the Null Void and forced to work in the mines in Incarcecon. Not long after their imprisonment, Slifec's mother gave birth to her. However, due to a defect, she was born without wings. For years, she was unable to fly like other Lepidopterrans and could only walk.

When Servantis took over Incarcecon as its warden, he gave her Null Guardian wings to allow her to fly for the first time.


Slifec appeared in Never Forget You, when Servantis showed his friend, Adriel Albright, what he had done to cure her.

Powers and Abilities

Slifec possesses two large wings that allow quick and agile flying, and can change directions at exceptional paces.

Slifec can excrete high pressured streams of liquid from the pollen ducts located inside of her eyestalks and mouth. These liquids can be both a flammable toxin or an immobilizing adhesive, enough for her to swing from it by his mouth.

Slifec's slime has properties akin to fire extinguishers, meaning that it is capable of putting out fires. Her slime is also immune to being exploited and controlled by Polymorphs.

Slifec is accompanied by a natural odor-like stink that comes from the oils she secretes to keep her exoskeleton joints moving.

Slifec's black tail is extremely sharp with a stinger-like end that can tear and rend through steel almost effortlessly.

Slifec's exoskeletal body is fairly strong, allowing her to survive unscathed while being smashed through buildings and being caught inside a large explosion.

Slifec possesses enhanced dexterity.

Slifec has great strength in proportion to her body, being able to carry heavy loads while maintaining steady flight.

Slifec has 360-degree vision, as she is able to move two eyes at the back of her head and keep the other two eyes at the front of her head.

Slifec's claws and sharp-pointed legs allow her to cling onto solid surfaces.


A more minor inconvenience is Slifec's odor, which can be a problem if she is trying to hide from anything or anyone that can smell.

Although her exoskeleton body is fairly strong, Slifec's wings are very fragile. Water is especially a problem for her, as it can render her incapable of flight if she gets too much on her wings. Furthermore, she cannot swim very well due to the small surface area of her limbs.

Slifec can be tied in place by her tail.

Slifec is vulnerable against electricity.

Being a Lepidopterran, Slifec's goo can be neutralized by the fog of her natural predator, the Buglizard.