General Information
Species Levitaorictin
Home World Unknown
Body Humanoid ghost
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shapeshafting
Skin Peeling
Nightmare Vision
Density Manipulation
Equipment Cuffs
First Appearance TBA

Slenderfreak is a alien from the Carl 10 Franchise.


He is a black ghost.

In Altermaverse, he has green cloth down to his belt, without sleeves and with a big white stripe down to his belt.

His Xtratrix symbol is on his chest.

In TANC10H, he remains basically the same, with being slimmer.

He now gains irises.

His mouth stay the same, with inside being green.

His belt's white part now has stripes.

He gains cuffs on his wrists.

He has a screw in his back, which leads down to the belt.

He has a collar on his tail, along with the tail being a rattlesnake tail.

His Xtratrix symbol remains on the chest.

Powers and Abilities

He can shapeshift.

He can turn invisble and pass through walls, along with passing through items.

Thanks to his telepathy, he can read and control minds.

He can possess beings.

He has tentacles under his shirt and can rip it in half to reveal them.
Slenderfreak saving a truck

Slenderfreak's tentacles.

He can manipulate his density.

His most powerful attacks, are:

  • Skin Peel
    • Reveals his insides, creeping out anyone.
    • Can paralyze anyone/thing.
  • Nightmare Look
    • Makes a being see what he wants him to see.
    • Includes epilepsy attacking, nightmares, panic attacks and nausea.


Isn't built for fighting.


  • His The All New Carl 10 Hour design was released on the TANC10H's Ben10Toys.Net page, as in a TANC10H intro scene.
  • He is very similiar to Slenderman and Ghostfreak.
    • His name is a portmaneaue of the word "Slender" and "freak".
    • He has the same outline and tentacles as Ghostfreak.
    • He has the same skin and tentacle powers as Slenderman.
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