Work Truck
1-2 (1-2)
Make Ford
Model F-450 XLT DRW SuperCrew
Vehicle Specifics
Engine 6.7 Liter Powerstroke Diesel V8
Max Speed 155 mph
Horsepower 440 Hp
Drivetrain AWD
Owner Slash's Performance Shop
License Plate Unknown

Performance's Work Truck is a machine in Tony Slash: Omni-Adventures that was used by the employees of Slash Performance to assist people and to transport parts to the shop.


The Work Truck appears as a 2016 Ford F-450 XLT Super Duty in the Ford color called Blue Jeans. It's a DRW which means that it's a dually. It has a long bed and it's a super crew cab. It's gonna get a special goose-neck trailer for hauling parts.

The interior has Adobe leather seats, which are quite nice. It has room for six people in it's crew cab, three in the middle and three in the back.


This truck originates from the Ford Motor Company, Tony buys it for the company and uses it to haul parts like it said above.


  • It features a long bed for a goose neck trailer.
  • It has extended mirrors for big loads.
  • The engine is a 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel V8.


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