Slash is a Talpaedan from the planet Terraexcava he travels with Rook Blonko in the series Rook


When Slash was a child he ran around playing with his brother Andreas Until one day Andreas Got captured by an Osmosian named Aggregor.Aggregor also kidnapped 4 other aliens Galapagus,Bivalvan,P'andor and Ra'ad

Andreas did not come back. Slash started helping people on his planet one Rook came to his planet hearing that the Forever Knights are invading look for The Talpaedan armor


See Armodrillo's Powers


Slash is hot-headed and rebellious often willing to fight even when it may be not necessary. He enjoys fighting, and can sometimes become rude toward his teammates, especially Tiny, who he doesn't accept as a field leader, and Rook, whom he would like to be more aggressive. He also once argued with Ben, and was shown to be the less respectful of the Plumbers helpers toward Ben. However, he is also shown to be devoted to Max, refusing to reveal his identity to Animo and willing to help him when he was seemingly attacked by Ben. Despite their differences, Slash has shown concern with his team as he was willing to sacrifice himself so his team could escape (although he'd forgotten their ship had been destroyed).


Slash's Brother Andreas was in a few episodes of Ben 10: Ultimate alien helping Argit and The Forever Knights

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