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General Information

1/2 Arburian Pelarota
1/2 Ekoplektoid


Humanoid Pillbug

Other Info

Density Amplification
Duplicate Assimilation
Energy Deflection
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Balance
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Durability Amplification
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Strength
Kinetic Self-Duplication
Limited Space Survivability
Mass Amplification
Mobile Invulnerability
Sharp Claws
Sharp Teeth
Size Alteration
Sphere Transformation
Strength Amplification
Weight Amplification


Almost Uncontrollable Duplication
Duplicates Fighting

Slapbolt is a fusion of Cannonbolt's and Slapback's DNA. He is a free use fusion made by Alan.


Slapbolt mostly appears like Cannonbolt. However, his shell is replaced with Slapback's exoskeleton. He has Slapback's silver eyebrows, as well as the blue of his outfit on his sides. His feet are also segmented and shaped like Slapback's, with Cannonbolt's toes on each digit. His mouth is shaped like Slapback, with Slapback's nose just above it as well.

Slapbolt wears the Omnitrix on his forehead.


  • Slapbolt combines Cannonbolt's rolling and impact abilities with Slapback's kinetic duplication. It does not take much for Slapbolt to duplicate, typically duplicating just by rolling to begin with as his back would be hitting the ground (or some other surface) many times, giving him a much faster duplication speed than Slapback.
  • Thanks to Cannonbolt's size, Slapbolt is slightly bigger than Slapback, giving him more base mass to work with, meaning all of his duplicates have more mass, thus more density, as well. Despite this, Slapbolt's duplications don't slow down, and in fact use this density to gain more momentum.
  • Any power shared by Slapback and Cannonbolt is averaged out for Slapbolt.


  • Slapbolt's primary weakness is that his power is a double edged sword. Although he duplicates faster than Slapback and uses more momentum than Cannonbolt, this can be quite uncontrollable, and could lead to severe damage very quickly, such as Slapbolt reaching the point of a black hole's density unintentionally.


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  • The concept for Slapbolt was made when going through the idea of The Next Aliens/The Previous Aliens, where the unofficial fusion Shock Blast, made of Shock Rock and Heatblast, would have moved up to Slapback and Cannonbolt in The Next Aliens.
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