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General Information
Species Valscerm
Home World Cloufallia
Body Folding
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Gliding
First Appearance None

Skychute is a Valscerm from the planet Cloufallia in no series that anyone can use without permission.


Skychute is a white sheet with no mouth. He has 2 arms and 2 legs with yellow handles on the end.


Skychute can fold himself an innumerable number of times, so he can fit through small spaces. He can also stretch his legs to grip anything. When what he is gripping is moving, he can stretch his arms. He can slow down moving objects by gripping on to them. Also, when he lets go of a moving object, he'll soar into the air. The height depends on how fast the object was going. He will slowly glide down.

Skychute is better when he grips onto high moving objects. He becomes more mobile, and when he ungrips the object, he'll fly into the air, then he can turn rapidly, creating an extremely strong fan.


Skychute is extremely clumsy on land. If you cut his arms and legs, which a human could do with scissors, he won't be able to stretch at all. If you rip a hole in his weak torso, he can't use any of his other powers. If you cut his limbs and his torso, he can't move at all.