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"Time to go, QUAD SMACK!!!" "STINK BEETLE!!!" "Stink Beetle? Really? That's lame, what's wrong with Skunkmoth's name?" "Because Skunkmoth sounds like a stupid name too." -Kevin (as Quad Smack) with Anti AL (as Skunkmoth or "Stink Beetle").

Skunkmoth (also called Stink Beetle or Toxic Beetle) is a hybrid mutant of a Lepidopterran and an unknown species used by Kevin Levin and Anti AL.

It can only be summoned by the Antitrix.


Shares the same as he did in the Ben 10 Reboot series.

A armored humanoid orange beetle with butterfly wings.


Shares the same personality with his users.


Acid Stink

-Acid Spit Spray

-Acid Projectiles








Too powerful to control powers

Limits on strength. Durable only.

Shares the same weakness as Stinkfly.

-Glued wings


-Flammable Gas

-Affect by own gas.


(Season 3)

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Skunkmoth is a blended name of Skunk, a black-and-white mammal that sprays intoxicating chemical smell in defense, and Moth, a species of nocturnal Lepidopterans (Scale Wing) that are related to butterflies.


Stink Beetle is a named based from the real stink beetle (Eleodes or Pinacate Beetle).

Toxic is a name describing highly deadly chemicals.


You Can Run. But you can't fly.

He's right you know. (Grabs Gwen) ONE MOVE AND I'LL MELT THE BIG MOUTH REDHEAD!! Alex (Inferno): "YOU WOULDN'T!!!" You REALLY don't me, you don't know how willingly I would do it for real. Because I promise you. I Will!

Kevin (Quad Smack): "YOU NEVER HURT GWEN AGAIN!!! YOU HEAR ME!!!" I Thought Your Like Me Kevin, An Outcast Who Has A Hate For Humanity, But I Guess I'm Wrong. YOU ARE JUST AS WEAK AS EVERYBODY ELSE IN THIS LORD FORBIDDEN WORLD!!! (Spits acid breath at Kevin) Kevin: "AAAHHH!!!".

RUN PUNY HUMANS!!! THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM TOXIC BEETLE!!! Alex: "Dude seriously need to make up his mind for naming his aliens."

SCREEEEEEEECH!!!! Alex: "I know that screech."


  • He is based off of the real Skunkmoth.
  • Since he is the less used alien, only appearing 3 times (Twice used in Mock 10), even not appearing in the movie. Stink Beetle makes more appearances.