General Information
Species Radiotope
Home World Radion V
Body Stout Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Signal Reception
Classification Fauna
First Appearance TBA

Skriin is an alien from Tech 10: Combalien Evolution.


Skriin's abilities include:

  • Signal Reception
    • Skriin can pick up and translate any type of communication signal.
  • Signal Jamming
    • Skriin can also scram or jumble any type of communication signal.


Skriin is a hunched, stout gray-and-black alien with black, wire-like marking covering his torso and arms. His forearms end in spiked radio dish-like appendages. He has a single eye that bears something of a resemblance to an AM/FM radio scanner, and the Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest.


Skriin has very few actual uses in combat, and is generally Tech's most useless alien.

Planet and Species information

Skriin is a Radiotope from the junk planet Radion V. Radion V has been used as the universe's dumping heap for countless eons, and with the Radiotopes being the only forms of life native to the planet, it is theorized that they were literally born from the universe's junk.

Despite their less-than-impressive origins, the Radiotope are respected and feared throughout the galaxy, with almost every interplanetary military desperate to hire as many as they can. Their abilities allow them to intercept and instantaneously decipher any secret transmissions an enemy may be sending, making them an invaluable war asset. The Radiotope themselves are happy to go along with this arrangement, as two militaries that each have a Radiotope on their side are essentially at a complete stalemate that leaves actual combat inefficient.

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