Skorost Xellion, referred to simply as "Skorost" or "Magister Skorost" is a Kinecelerans from the planet Kinet, although he resides on Earth. He is a magister-ranked Plumber and the head of all Plumbers on Earth.


Skorost has a gentle and slow personality, which is surprising considering he is a Kinecelerans, species which are exactly the opposite. He has a strong sense of justice and has no hesitation to help allies in need.


He resembles a standard Kinecelerans, however, he is eldery and more bent over. He wears a black and blue plumber suit.

Powers and Abilities

According to Vulk, Skorost hasn't been in combat for over 700 years, but surprisingly, when he came to rescue Nick from the Exilists along with Aubrey and Vulk, he is shown to still be able to fight fairly good, destroying a large group of Mechamanders with his speed in mere moments.

He has remarkable strategic and leadership skills, enough for him to be respected by every plumber on Earth and even in space.


  • His name comes from the bulgarian word скорост (skorost), which means "speed".
  • His 2nd name was never mentioned in the series and wasn't known until the creator confirmed it.
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