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The Skipper
General Information
User Max Tennyson
Type Spaceship

The Skipper was a spaceship used as the primary transportation in space for Ben, Gwen, and Max. It was the Timeline 1 equivalent of the canon Skipper.


The Skipper had its Omniverse appearance, but its colors matched the color palette of Heroes United.


Prior to Missing Pieces

Max bought the Skipper on September 10, 2005.

Missing Pieces

One week later, in The Monster, it was used by Max, Gwen and Ben to get to Galvan Prime so that they could tell Azmuth about the malfunctioning of the Omnitrix. It was later absorbed (and therefore, destroyed) by Malware to accommodate Myaxx after he kidnapped her and planned to take her to Galvan B.


Missing Pieces