Evan Billion
Season 2, Episode 9
Skeleton World.png
Air date N/A
Written by Agent H
Directed by Agent H
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Evan and Rocket were in a giant sewing machine.

(Evan): Wanna hear a story?

Rocket ran away. Evan grabbed Rocket, and his hands melted off.

(Evan): That's my story. Wanna hear another one?

Rocket ran, then Evan put on a robotic gauntlet and grabbed Rocket. The gauntlet and hand melted off, then a dark hand started growing there. It grew bigger then the sewing machine, and bigger then the Earth.


(Evan): Except the end of that story. Wanna hear one last story?

Rocket nodded his head.

(Evan): Okay. I was in my room, when I saw a piece of pizza. I ate half of it, then the other half turned into a Talpaedan. "Wanna see the life cycle?" asked the Talpaedan. "No thanks," I said, but he grabbed me anyways and jumped into the air.................................................................................................I tried to grab the sword of Donocles Nailbacks, but Dr. Doohickey and his army of Penguinpods were too strong. Well, it's getting late. You don't want to hear the rest of my story.

Rocket nodded his head.

(Evan): You do? Okay. One of the Penguinpods shot a Javabeam, and I got out of the way and used the neutronic atoms to defend myself...........................................................................................................................................................................Well, that was a long story.

Rocket and Evan looked like skeletons.

(Evan): Why do you look like a skeleton? Where are we?

(Skeleton): You are in Skeleton World.

On a barn, a skeleton slid some haystacks that trapped Evan and Rocket.

(Main Skeleton): That is Trapster. He likes to trap people.

Evan and Rocket were out.

(Evan): That wasn't much of a trap.

(Trapster): How did you get out?

(Evan): I follow Trapgettingoutof.com.

Evan held up a laptop.

(Evan): How did we get here?

(Main Skeleton): Whenever someone does something for very long, they turn into skeletons and come here.


Trapster ran away.

(Evan): Let's meet some other skeletons.

Evan and Rocket went to a house. They went in the house, and saw a skinny skeleton with a tracksuit playing Pants Pants Revolution.


Evan jumped on the TV, and it exploded. A bunch of pants came out.

(Evan): This must be Pants Pants Revolution 3: Revenge of the Pants.

(Tracksuit Skeleton): What happened to Pants Pants Revolution 2?

(Evan): The pants got a little too revengous.

They all went outside, and met the other skeletons. The skeletons sang We're All Skeletons. Trapster ran up.

(Trapster): I have the perfect trap! A SCENE FREEZER!

Trapster held up a scanner. He scanned the scene, scanned a box, and threw the box at the scene.

(Skeleton): Oh no I'm frozen!

(Evan): Are you serious? That was far from working.

(Skeleton): My girlfriend Im is frozen! It was muffin night!

The skeleton pointed to a skeleton, who was in a block of ice. Evan turned into Lightmeraction, then shot electricity that made the ice explode. He reverted back to normal.

(Im): Do you guys want to come to my house for muffin night?

(Evan): YESH!

Im led them all to her house, then gave Evan a muffin. He ate it, then ate a different flavor.

(Evan): What flavors are these?

(Im): Ketchup and mustard.

(Evan): I need to watch How to Spit Out Your Food! Turn on the TV!

One of the skeletons turned on the TV, and Evan turned to channel 16. A piece of paper with "16" on it appeared.

(Evan): This TV is dumb. I'll watch the show on FartNoob.

Evan got on the computer, and it wouldn't let him go on anything.

(Evan): How was this computer made?


A carpenter skeleton cut a log into a shape of a keyboard, and attached a string to it. He attached a log to the string, and cut it into the shape of a screen. He attached a string to the left of the top log, and put a rat there. He attached a string to the other side, and put a plastic circle with a slit there. He cut a log to the shape of a computer, and strung it to the side.

Flashback over.

(Evan): Do you guys have any good technology?

(Skeleton): Follow me.

The skeleton lead Evan and Rocket to a giant machine.

(Skeleton): It's the Teleportinator. No one knows what it does.

(Evan): Are you kidding? It obviously teleports.

(Skeleton): I thought it made episodes of Finn 10: Fusion on DVD.

(Evan): Well, I hate Skeleton World, so I'm going home.

Rocket stretched Evan up to the button, and he started pressing it. A slow-motion dramatic scene started happening.

(Skeleton): NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Evan got closer to the button. Rocket started sweating.

(Skeleton): NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Evan got even closer to the button. Rocket's sweat started to build up.

(Skeleton): NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Evan was a yoctosecond away from the button. Rocket was drenched in sweat.


Slow-motion dramatic scene over. The skeleton threw a ball of nachos at Rocket, which slammed him into the button. The Teleportinator exploded, and teleported Evan and Rocket to a disco club. They looked normal.

(Evan): Yay we're back home! But why in a disco club? And where are the disco-ers?

Suddenly, a bunch of pants came from behind machines and started dancing.


The pants pulled out laser guns. Evan turned into Clockboy and made a portal, and the lasers went in. The portal appeared above Evan and Rocket, and it shot them and they turned into ash.

(Evan): Well, it's better then being skeletons.

Kevin sweeped the ash into a dustpan that Sharpoint was holding. Sharpoint ate Evan and Rocket, and it went down into his stomach.

(Ash): Welcome to Ash World!

(Evan): Oh gosh.

Trick or Defeat

Ray looks at a book of pranks, then gets on a large whoopie cushion. He pulls the cork from the hole, and the whoopie cushion sets off like a rocket. The whoopie cushion uninflates and Ray lands near a Book of Tricks. Ray picks it up and looks at it. He looks at the third trick. Later, Caecus sees a hamburger. He picks it up and eats it, but sticky stuff comes off his mouth and sticks his legs to the ground. Ray runs to Caecus, but Caecus uses his hands to control a giant magnet crane that picks up Caecus by a metal belt around his waist. Caecus controls the magnet crane so that it rolls over Ray.

Ray looks at the twelfth trick. Ray goes and buys a special large magnet, then puts a hamburger on top. Caecus runs past it and gets the hamburger, and an effective magnet flies to the special magnet. The special magnet spins around and makes a lot of dust go all over, and some dust gets in Ray's eyes. It is hard for Ray to see, so he accidentally falls on the magnet, and the magnet glides across the ground and Ray falls off.

Ray looks at the fifty-seventh trick. He puts on a dirty costume and holds out a hat. Caecus runs to him and inserts a hamburger. Ray picks up the hamburger and looks at it, and it is made of metal. The hamburger starts shocking Ray, so Ray runs to Caecus and touches him with it. It does not effect Caecus, because he is wearing a rubber suit. Ray rips off the rubber suit and puts it on him. It has a ball stuck to it, and Caecus controls the ball and floats Ray up in the air. He floats Ray into many cacti.

Ray looks at the last trick, the one hundredth. He buys a large metal circle with a hole in it, and sits in the hole. He waves a white flag, and Caecus runs to him. Ray jumps down from the metal circle, then sticks the flag to Caecus' tail, sticking him down. Ray gets on the other side of the metal circle, and tries to push it on Caecus. It is too large, and Caecus uses his tail to launch the flag in the air, then he runs. Ray presses a button, and the flag turns into a rocket and chases Caecus. The metal circle starts to roll, and chases Ray. Ray and Caecus run from the objects as fast as they can. Caecus ducks, and the rocket heads for the metal circle. Ray runs past a cactus, and the metal circle knocks it in the air and pins Ray to the ground. The metal circle falls on the ground, and the rocket explodes in the hole. A large dust wave comes and comes for Ray. It falls over him, and he becomes a dust man. Caecus runs away, and Ray spits out sand.

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