SixShot is the Model-X's DNA Sample of an Unknown Species from an Unknown Planet.


SixShot is a rather large, metallic and humanoid scorpion. SixShot's metallic skin is mostly purple with various slits all over the 'armor'. SixShot's head holds two horns as well as his eyes, which glow a bright blue but are covered by grill-like armor. He wears a metallic collar around his neck, which has two vent-like openings on the sides. SixShot's attire consists of a vest-like design going across his chest, stopping right at his hips. SixShot's most prominent feature is his long tail, which is longer than his body is. It is more armored than his body, ending in a sharp blade. When using his ability, the blade retracts and reveals the barrel of a gun.

SixShot's Model X Symbol is located on his chest.


  • Sharpshooter Tail: SixShot's tail is his main weapon, as it is not only used for melee attacks because of its sharp end but because of its ability to fire out various types of materials and substances which may help within a situation.
    • Corrosive Material: SixShot can fire out a corrosive goop, allowing him to melt through substances not strong enough to endure it.
    • Sticky Material: SixShot can fire out another type of slime that is sticky and meant to bind things together or keep things in place rather than harm.
    • Bullets: Not actual bullets, but a type of metallic sphere fired off at high speeds, meant to deal blunt force damage more than anything. Usually his go-to selection.
  • Wall-Climbing: SixShot is able to easily climb walls with any of his limbs, including his tail. He uses this ability to traverse complex environments.


  • Consecutive use of his tail can result in it being jammed.

History and Appearances



  • SixShot's original concept was based on Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat Franchise.
  • SixShot was thought up because of the desire to have a gun-slinging alien in a desert/western type of setting.
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