Sir Cromwell
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Affiliations Forever Organisation
Occupations Forever General
Abilities and Equipment
Unitrix Type Unknown
Equipment Unitrix
First Appearance The Paradox Problem

Sir Cromwell is a villain in Age of the Unitrix. He first appeared in The Paradox Problem. He is a human from the planet Earth, and his unitrix species is unknown. He is the Forever General of the Forever Organisation, and therefore the leader of the Forever Knights branch.


He is described as 'a heavily decorated knight, with a short, thick, grey beard visible thanks to the missing faceplate on his helmet.' in The Paradox Problem.


He is harsh and arrogant, and it is shown that the other leaders of the Forever Organisation judge him for this. Truly, he rules the Forever Knights with an iron fist and zero tolerance.

Powers and Abilities

Being the Forever General, Sir Cromwell has control over the Forever Knights- the most militaristic of the Forever Organisation's classes. This gives Cromwell a very large military presence.



Sir Cromwell was promoted to the role of Forever General at the request of the last General before him; the ever loyal Sir Vere, before he died under mysterious circumstances.


Age of the Unitrix

Age of the Unitrix
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