Simon Cooper
Boner boy Simon
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence London, England
Age 18
Affiliations Student
Powers and Abilities
Relatives Alan Cooper (father)
Pamela Cooper (mother)
Alias Si
Mr. Rebound
Voice Actor Joe Thomas
First Appearance Something Inbetween


Simon is about average height with brown hair and green eyes. He wears a while school shirt, which is untucked, with a tie. Over it, he wears a blue school jumper, whilst also wearing black trousers, and black and white trainers.


Simon, along with Will, is the more mature of the group. However, he is shown to be easily swayed. He is shown to act aggressive to his family, mainly his mother. Simon is intelligent, but lacks common sense, such as taking Jay's useless sex advice.

Powers and Abilities






  • Jay Cartwright - Simon and Jay share about almost an average relationship with each other. They do bicker and argue, but their bonding is what keeps them from ending their friendship.
  • Will McKenzie - Although Simon doesn't really like Will, they do bond quite well, maybe even better than Jay. However, Simon, Jay and Neil make fun of Will with his "gay hair", and how he acts "posh".

Love Interests

  • Neil Sutherland - Simon and Neil get on very well, to the point that they actually like each other. Simon and Neil won't talk to each other when Jay and Will aren't around; but besides that, they share a really good connection together, and one day, one or the other will even ask themselves out. This also makes sense as Simon is more on the soft side with Neil, more than he is on Jay and Will.
  • Carli D'Amato - Carli is Simon's former ex-girlfriend, and because they broke up, Simon doesn't particularly care about her and what happens in her life; whether she dies, or whether she's still alive.


  • Mark Donovan - Both Mark and Simon hate each other. Mark constantly picks on Simon and Neil because of their relationship and how they're together. Simon hates how Mark is homophobic, and wants him to understand that he should respect people for who they are.
  • Albedo - Simon doesn't really know much about Albedo, but from what Ben has told him, he'd rather hate him because of his actions, and how he causes major hovoc in the streets of Bellwood and Ruislip, London.
  • Vilgax - Simon doesn't really know much about Vilgax, but from what Ben has told him, Simon wants to put an end to Vilgax, because Vilgax wants Ben dead.




  • In the original Inbetweeners series, Simon is considered to be the oldest.
  • In Ben 10: Into the Omniverse, Simon is the second oldest.
  • Simon and Neil used to watch Ben 10 when they were kids.
    • They even pretended to be Ben 10; where one was the hero, and one was the villain.
  • When Simon was 10, he was mistaken for Ben Tennyson.
    • This is because they both have brown hair and green eyes.
  • According to Jay, Simon's hair looks like the Statue of Liberty's crown
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